Searching for the quiet

Winter fields- Texel
Winter fields-Texel

The more my mind is filled with thoughts and information and things to be done, the more there is a longing for the calm and quiet.  Looking at my pictures it reflects in my photography. The open land and wide expanses seem to calm the senses. There is room for imagination and daydreaming like dreaming oneself away, far away, from everyday life.  Giving in to the wish for simple quietude for a moment, a holiday from the mind.

This picture was taken on Texel island, which is beautifully empty and quiet outside the touristic season, which seems to stretch out itself over almost the entire year unfortunately.


Ascension day

winter's toll
winter’s toll

These last days of frost and chilling wind so far in the season made it very hard for small birds to survive. Our little friend robin did not live to see spring finally arrive. Yesterday he was slow to get out of the way. Today hubby found him like this. Here’s a tribute to the ascension of our little friend. His constant chatter gone with his last breath, his curiosity taken into a next realm.

His last song I will sing for him.

yesterday's robin
yesterday’s robin